I’ve been introduced by reference to an inaccurate and out-of-date Wikipedia entry once too often. This rudimentary site provides some quality-certified background to my print life, and next to nothing about my personal life – which is the way I like it.

I’m an independent journalist, in the trade more than thirty years. I was born in London, went to school in Geelong, and now live in Melbourne.

I write about cricket a bit, mainly for The Australian and The Times; I write about other stuff that interests me too. This is a list of the publications to which I’ve contributed, some of which have survived. I don’t blog, tweet or Facebook. Sorry.

I write books. You’ll find a list here.
I’ve also edited books. Here’s some.
This is where I play cricket. Love it.
You can send me a message here. I may even reply.

Some author websites provide links to current work and to reviews,
but I’m not that organised.

It’s nobody’s business really, but I’m married with a daughter.
My wife took these photos, in a lift in Chicago, and at a cricket ground in Southampton. The barbecue is not significant.